It's more important than ever before to get your store up and selling online! We'll do all the work to fully optimize your website for sales conversions, mobile optimize your site and online store, and get your business up and running online asap!


The earlier we can we can get your website and online store 

up and running the FASTER you can start selling online.

$600 BILLION in sales happens every year online, our focus is to allow local businesses the opportunity to a piece of that online pie which is just growing exponentially. We capture that notion and multiply it for our clients so they can increase their brand awareness and ROI. We pride ourselves on having a deep understanding of the online space and know how to properly work our way around it to strategically design our client's page so it appeals to their customer base.

Our complete online package for clients includes:

1. Fully optimized website (to increase conversions)

2. Design & Layout (this is done in house, and ensures the flow of your website encourages shoppers to buy more)

3. Content writing. We will fill in all the descriptions to all your products, make sure everything is grammatically correct, aligns with your business, and sells the product.

4. A responsive design that will also be mobile friendly! Over 40% of eCommerce sales happen through a mobile device.

5. Storytelling. We will take the crucial aspects of your business, and what sets you apart from your competition, and guide the consumer through with your story and why they should shop here.

6. Testimonials. We will add a testimonials feature, this is excellent for social proof to convince new potential buyers that you are a great seller.

7. Security. Since you are selling online you want to make sure your clients feel safe and that you are protecting their information. Your website and online store will come with SSL certification which encrypts information between you and your clients.

Needless to say you will be READY to rock and roll once we are finished with everything you need to have a solid online store and optimized website!

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Result Driven is a digital marketing agency helping businesses reach their full potential by optimizing their online presence. We help paying customers come in the door to your business using social media and internet marketing.
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