Are Your Posts Boring? How To Make Your Posts More Interesting

Often times business owners try to do their own social media, but fail to build an audience first. To do this you must connect your past, present, and future customers/ clients/ patients to your social media pages.

The second mistake they make is posting boring posts that don't get any attention from their audience, or even worse or by hiring mediocre "Social Media Managers" to do to it for them and they still don't even do step 1 or step 2 and still make bland boring pointless content for their pages.

One thing we know at Result Driven that really gets results for our clients is following our VRIN Score Principle.

What is a VRIN Score?

  • V. alue

  • R. are

  • I. nimitable

  • N.on-substitutable.

  1. Value meaning a post that people care about -- a high value post that is relatable and adds value.

  2. Rarity meaning your post includes things most people don’t often see or experience.

  3. Inimitable meaning how hard is it for a competitor to replicate your post.

  4. And non-substitutable meaning there is no other place to access the information your post delivers.

You can be funny, intense, flashy or conservative, but if the VRIN score is low, it will never go viral. Executing this score in every post and in everything you do to market your business is crucial.

Here at, Result Driven - Social Media & Internet Marketing, we make sure your business is putting out True Quality Content that we psychologically engineer to succeed, with a High VRIN Score, and by actually building up your community and presence online.

Upgrade your business's Social Media & Internet presence, the most powerful marketing known to date, and Book a FREE Discovery Call today!

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