Understanding Major Social Media And Internet Marketing Channels

Most small-medium, even large businesses, are weakest on their social media and internet marketing, one of many reasons is a lack of awareness on how each online platform is truly suppose to work for your business.

Social Media Platforms and their many functions

By: Result Driven, Social Media & Internet Marketing


(Long form media)

  • Allows up to 24 hour long videos to be uploaded!!!

  • YouTube is an incredible platform to advertise your business and post longer videos on.

  • When ever you have a message, a marketing message, that your business needs to get out, such as your Brand Story, YouTube is the platform to do it on.


(Highlights, Showcase for your business)

  • Posts can be as few as once or twice a week for Instagram.

  • A great way to showcase your business's highlights.

  • Older and younger audience.

  • You can advertise now, you can collect emails all sorts of opportunities to grow your business.

  • Instagram is growing in all sorts of ways to continually be able to grow and brand your business's online presence.

  • Instagram not only has "stories" (short temporary video clips you can show your audience for only 24 hours) it also has Instagram TV now, a place where your followers and other viewers can see cool longer form video content your business would like to show to capture attention or to get a quick message out.

Facebook - FB Fan Pages:

(Hybrid, a little like Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter combined)

  • Facebook is a hybrid that can be very profitable.

  • Is easy to bring direct action to customers.

  • You can Advertise, you can collect emails, also many opportunities to grow your business on Facebook.

  • Can create special and private pages for your business's community.


(Loud form media!!!)

  • You can post a lot on twitter, as many times a day as you want.

  • It's not uncommon for people to post many things on twitter all in one day.

  • You can use twitter to experiment a lot for what content is best to post on other platforms as well.


(Niche marketing tool)

  • Better for younger audience.

  • SnapChat is more specific towards the younger generations early teens through college age.

  • Original platform to have "stories" (short temporary video clips you can show your audience for only 24 hours)


(Life blood of marketing)

  • Does your business have/ collect current, past, and future client/customer/patient emails through your website?

  • This is extremely important every business needs to have an email collecting optimized website.

Paid Advertising

Google ad words:

(Core Engine for your business)

  • Banner ads run through the google network.

  • Because so many people use google every single day it will be an engine that will drive sales to your customers.

  • Learning how to do google ads is really important.

Facebook ads and Instagram ads:

(Second engine of business)

  • Hyper targeted ads.

  • You can run ads and target local customers on Facebook down to extremely precise details.

  • Instagram and Google can do this too, but Facebook has more information on people.

  • Facebook uses information people entered on their Facebook as the targeting tool, and boy is there a lot of information people put into their Facebook pages.


Each of these platforms take endless amounts of time to completely master and understand to the best ability. Truth is most business owners fail to execute these incredible platforms correctly and fail to incorporate these resources into their business because they are simply too busy having to do what they do best, providing for their customers/ clients/ patients as they should be.

Unfortunately, many businesses suffer because of this, or even worse, fail entirely, even the biggest brands in the world like Boston Store, Sears, and American Apparel. So why wait? Hire a team of Videographers, photographers, social media marketers, and advertisers today! Step up your business's game or step down and loose out just like the brands above.

Check out our services now and how we can help your business have it's ultimate Social Media & Internet presence today! ↓


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